30 April 2012

The Financial Aid Racket

As a student, of life yes but also in the more traditional sense, I have some student loan debt. Not much, around $15,000.

I recently decided to forego financial aid. I will pay for this myself. I realize and am thankful that I have the choice. My situation is rare.

What slaps me in the face, since I now have to make student loan payments, is the inconsistency of how the program works. For instance... I could continue to receive financial aid, which would automatically put my payments in deferment status, but if I am not using financial aid I have to enroll in "enough hours" which is arbitrarily 1/2 time.

I am on Quarters so half time for me is 8 credt hours (I believe 1/2 time in sememesters is 6 credit hours). I am enrolled in 4 credit hours. So I have to start paying my loans.

Hey, I borrowed the money so I owe the money. I don't have a problem repaying my obligation. What I do have a problem with is trying to keep up with normal tuition, books,fees, etc. and not being able to put this in deferment.

It seems to me that since I am paying more than $2000 every 10 weeks I should qualify for deferment. I mean really, that's some serious coin! But no, apparently that's not enough!

26 April 2012

Kashi & The Truth About GMOs

The only thing I can think to say is "Well DUH"

Kashi is owned by Kellogg, what did you expect?

Since "organic" has been legislated, you can be certain there are loopholes. #thatsthewayitworks

Unless you grew it yourself, or know who did, you can count on GMOs, carcinogens and endocrine disruption.

Kashi & The Truth About GMOs